There are fat stacks in the middle packs - Coaching your middle performers

Posted by Kevin Beales
The biggest wins and revenue gains from sales coaching exist in the middle 60%.
Simply, they have the most headroom for growth, and more than half your team sit here.
The math is compelling, if you could uplift more than half of your team by, say 20%, what’s that do for your business.
And I’ll bet the gap between these median performers and your top performers is WAY more than 20%, right?
Replicating top performers sounds simple, but this is not taking a talk track and rolling out across the team. The variables are almost infinite. Motivation, drive, emotional intelligence, active listening, questioning, storytelling, objection handling, negotiating - I could go on.
Studies have shown the most frequent barriers to growth of these middle performers are:
Confidence - 20% of this group are most held back by a lack of self-confidence.
Don’t know how - Almost 20% again don’t know what it takes to be a top performer
Cost too high - Alarmingly, the next most frequent barrier was individuals believing the cost of being a top performer, the effort and motivation required.
Benefits too low - Similarly, but subtly different, they don’t see the rewards as being significant enough to change trajectory.
These are all demonstrations of why it’s only a commitment to frequent coaching and investment of time that will start to see an impact on unlocking the vast potential in this middle band.
All can be addressed with coaching. And that coaching is about mindset and motivation as much as skills and ideas. They need a coach to unlock the fire and the potential they have.
It may not be a simple, quick fix, but it is where the biggest prize lies - and uplifting middle performers does not provide a temporary revenue win, it provides a long-term, transformative change in direction.

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