Podcast Episode 1 - Tom Boston

Posted by Bec Turton

It's the first episode of "I Used to be Crap at Sales"!

MSC Co-Founder and Head of Sales Mark Ackers sits down for a chinwag with Tom Boston, LinkedIn comedy legend, social selling trainer, keynote speaker, and LinkedIn Top Voice.

Tom’s journey from a cashier at a DIY shop to a brand awareness manager at SalesLoft is inspiring to say the least.

It's a turnaround story for the ages.

He shares candid insights into the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, giving his advice for aspiring sales professionals.

Tom talks candidly about the tough days of cold calling and constant rejection, and how a positive mindset and willingness to learn from mistakes were crucial to his success.

He emphasises how connecting with experienced colleagues and being open about struggles can lead to significant growth and improvement. Ready to get inspired?

Watch it here:

Or listen here:

Some highlights from the episode:

01:44 - Tom Boston’s early career and transition to sales.

06:52 - Moving into SaaS

16:54 - Overcoming struggles and finding success in sales.

22:21 - Importance of resilience and support systems.

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