State of SDR Survey Q4 - 2023

We asked 1069 of your SDRs for their valuable, honest feedback on their job role.

We wanted to find out:

  • How fulfilled are they in their SDR role?
  • What are their career aspirations? Do they see a future with their current company... Or a future in Sales at all?
  • What are their biggest struggles and challenges from their own point of view?
  • How often do they get coaching, and how valuable they believe this coaching actually is?
  • Do they get enough coaching, or do they want more?
  • Is there a link between frequent, high quality coaching and SDRs hitting their company targets?
  • Are those who receive frequent, high quality coaching more fulfilled in their role and more likely to stay with their company?

And we believe we've discovered the answers.

We uncovered some amazing findings... and some that may shock you!

State of SDR Survey Q4 - 2023