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Are Customer Success getting the coaching they deserve?

Help your CS team unlock their true potential with their own hand picked, 1:1 expert CS coach - as a subscription.

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Why expert CS coaching?

Coaching That Always Delivers

Being a Leader Is Hard

As a CS leader, you have your hands full with an
endless list of time critical responsibilities.

Our coaches don’t have to wear multiple different hats and juggle many tasks daily like leaders do. They never have to put off coaching until tomorrow when they get too busy.

sales leader getting feedback
A young male sales professional

How Leaders Amplify Their Impact

We compliment your internal coaching with expert coaches who have:

  • Experience – Our CS coaches have a wealth of
    experience with other companies and bring
    new ways of thinking into coaching that you
    can’t get internally.
  • Expertise – All of our coaches are not only experts in their field, but they coach almost all day every day. They know how to create that safe space, challenge and inspire

Supported By The Top 5%

Only The Best Coaches For Your Team

All of our coaches are best in class and go through a rigorous vetting process.

Less than 5% of coaches who apply become a MyCSCoach.

All of our coaches are certified by the world’s leading coaching associations, and bring years of professional coaching experience and specialist industry experience.

sales leader getting feedback

What's included in your subscription:

  • A Hand Picked, Perfectly Matched CS Coach

    Coach and coachee compatibility is key - and we understand it needs to be a match made in coaching heaven to get the best results. We carefully hand pick every coach specifically for each individual from our roster of experienced, best in class CS coaches.

  • 1:1 Coaching Session

    Your team have 1:1 access to their own expert  coach - giving them the power to tap into their specialist industry knowledge and years of experience in CS when they need it the most. A coach who has walked in their shoes to hold them accountable to achieving their goals.

  • Collaborative Group Coaching Sessions With Like-minded Peers

    As part of your subscription, your team can crowdsource ideas from our tactically focused group coaching sessions - all based on top of mind, trending topics in a small cohort of ambitious peers.

Phoebe Hudson, CSM, Allego

"My coaching session was great. I felt that Anika had a genuine interest in helping me grow and develop in my career. I left the session with a clear understanding of my goals, and Anika helped me set actionable steps on how to achieve them. "

Adam Moses, Head of CS, Allego

"Anika is very knowledgable and the insights I gain from her experiences are invaluable. So many great tactics and ideas! Excited to start implementing them to form our Digital Customer Success Strategy"

Discover how our expert coaching services are helping CS professionals like you and your team achieve their goals.

Examples From Our Coach Portfolio:

  • Markets: EMEA, North America

    Industries: SaaS, Technology, Edtech, FinTech, Professional Services, Construction, Market Intelligence

    Roles Coached: CSM’s, CS Leaders, Customer Experience, Support, AM’s


    specialises in:
    • Transitioning to Customer Success
    • CSM Career Development
    • Building CS Functions
    • Expansion & Renewals
  • Markets: UK & EU

    Industries: Technology, SaaS

    Roles Coached: CSM's, CS Leaders


    specialises in:
    • Customer Success
    • Revenue From Customers
    • Post Sales Revenue
    • Enablement
    • Defining Customer Value
    • Process & Strategy
    • NAM
  • Markets: UK, Ireland, Northern Europe, US

    Industries: SaaS, Technology & IT, FinTech & Banking, Engineering & Manufacturing, Professional Services

    Roles Coached: BDRS, AE’S,AM’S,AD’S, Customer Success, Sales Managers Sales Leaders, Founders


    specialises in:
    • Consultative Selling
    • Defining Customer Value
    • Building and Managing Successful Teams
    • MEDDIC